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“I first started seeing Dr. Zorad almost 10 years ago when my primary care physician wasn’t able to help me with chronic heel pain.  Christine’s holistic approach eliminated my heel pain and she was also able help me with another condition that my doctor told me would require medication. My experience with Dr. Zorad has convinced me that regular adjustments get to the “root of the problem” and help me maintain a healthy body and life with out the use of prescription drugs to mask the symptoms.”

by Shannon B.

“I came to Dr. Zorad when I was 36 or so weeks pregnant with a breech baby and the Dr. I was currently seeing said that if baby didn’t turn by 38 weeks a c-section would be required. I didn’t feel that the Dr.. was giving me or our baby a chance so we tracked down a chiropractor that did the Webster method and I saw Dr. Zorad everyday the first week and at the next baby appointment baby was turned. We continued to go to Dr. Zorad after baby was born and through the birth of our 2nd child two and half years later.”

by Anna C.

“I feel like my visits are an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and I feel secure knowing that the type of chiropractic care Dr. Zorad offer’s won’t cause harm since she’s not “cracking” my back & neck.”

by Ann E. 

“My daughter started having chronic ear infections at 1 year old. Instead of having tubes put in her ears, she began to get regular chiropractic care with Dr. Zorad. She has not had another ear infection since”.

by Melissa K.

“Jonathan had recurrent ear and upper respiratory infections on practically a monthly basis until we came to see you. Your wonderful therapy truly, truly helped him. I can’t believe how healthy he is now! He hasn’t been on one antibiotic since seeing you. And even though he’s a bit of a wiggle worm, he has always enjoyed his visits. My only regret is that we didn’t bring him in sooner. Thanks so much for all you did for my son!”

by Julie B.

“Dr. Christine Zorad has been helping me for about a year now.  I had been to several different chiropractors and none of them seemed to help my back much.  Dr. Zorad has a much different method of treatment that not only made more sense to me but has improved my life considerably.  Instead of always “cracking” the same areas of my back, she actually “targets” the areas that really need attention and uses an instrument to focus on that area to adjust it.  In addition to her many talents as a chiropractor, she also has the ability to help with your feet as well.  She recently fitted me with foot inserts. From what I’ve seen so far, I anticipate this will help alleviate even more of my issues! I would highly recommend Dr. Zorad to anyone!  She helped me get from someone who was limited in activities to someone who is really engaged in my active life!”

by Judy K.

“I originally went to see Dr. Zorad for a bad shoulder. I had hurt it lifting weights and was told by my physician that I would need surgery for a torn rotator cuff. Surgeries do not appeal to me, so I thought I’d try an alternative. During my treatment with Dr. Zorad, I discovered that I didn’t get sick. Usually twice a year I’d miss a week of work for the flu or cold and not feel good for weeks after. I’ve since continued to have my body adjusted on a monthly basis and have not been bedridden with any illnesses.” 

by Carmen C.