Ear Infections

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Dr. Christine Zorad,  your Zorad Chiropractic, has been helping children with child’s ear infections for years. If your child or anyone you knows child is suffering from ear infections call Dr. Zorad at 402-210-8490 and find out how to eliminate ear infections naturally.

Have you ever known a baby or child to suffer from ear infections? Was the child prescribed antibiotics or given ear tube surgery? The problem with those types of solutions? They are not real solutions. Neither ear tubes nor antibiotics address the cause, so relief is often temporary. Ask yourself this: Are ear infections by being born with body missing ear tubes or born with the body lacking medicine? Of course not, so adding them only covers the problem like a Band-aid.

Cool fact. Another name for ear infection is otitis media. Let’s look at antibiotics. Antibiotics are designed to kill bacteria, yet many ear infections are caused by a virus, not by bacteria. Antibiotics also have side effects such as diarrhea or a rash. What about ear tubes? Inserted into the ear, ear tubes are meant to relieve fluid build-up. In many cases, however, the procedure must be repeated. No surprise that they don’t fix the cause.

So what’s a parent to do? Let’s look at one of the most common causes, then the answer will be clear. The cause we’re referring to? Let’s play a round of Jeopardy. Answer this: It’s the very first physical stress in life, encountered by everybody. Hint: If you went through this stressful event with another, then you have a twin. The answer: Your birth. The process of being born is stressful. Extreme strain to a newborn’s cervical (neck) spine can interrupt can interrupt the function of the cervical nerves. Amongst these cervical nerves are those traveling to the ear. It’s called a spinal subluxation. A condition in which a spinal segment is out of alignment with the adjacent segment. Nerves, which branch off of the spinal cord, no longer properly work. How exactly does this cause ear infections? Stress upon nerves of the ear affects the Eustachian tube, resulting in fluid build-up and ear infections.

Quiz time. The auditory nerve carries signals between the brain and inner ear. Another name for the auditory nerve is: The cochlear nerve, the optic nerve, the sciatic nerve. Answer: It’s the cochlear nerve and it is also called the acoustic nerve. Yep, it has three names. Rather than ear tubes or antibiotics, wouldn’t the more logical answer be to remove stress from the nerves, restoring normal drainage of the ears? Of course. Once stress upon these nerves is relieved, proper ear drainage is free to resume.

What if the cause is a virus? Does removing subluxations help? Absolutely. Stressed nerves prevent the body from fighting infections. Removing stress means the virus can say “goodbye.” Another secret health weapon? Breast milk. Breastfeeding offers strong protection against allergies, ear infections, respiratory infections and colds.

Do you have a friend or loved one whose child suffers from regular ear infections? Ask your chiropractor for a copy of ear infection information to pass along, so your loved one can finally find relief and live the life they always imagine. You can help change someone’s life. What could feel better than that?

“Age does not depend upon years, but upon temperament and health. Some men are born old and some never grow so.” Tyron Edwards.

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