Everyone is an Athlete

Hi, this is Omaha Chiropractor Dr. Christine Zorad. Whether you are young, old or somewhere in-between, chiropractic can help you enjoy participating in sports and activities. Chiropractic balances the muscle system and keeps the functional system healthy.  This is important to help you and your family reach your athletic potential, plus help prevent injuries.  

Balanced muscles keep you safer from sprains and strains when you are active.  Similar to alignment on your car.  What happens when your tires or steering are out of balance? You get uneven wear and tear requiring early replacements.  Same is true for your body.  The difference is, you can get new car parts, but once your body wears out it isn’t that easy. 

If you want to reduce injuries, improve performance and have more fun with activities, call 402-210-8490 to set an appointment for you and the family.