Food Sensitivity Testing

Hi, this is Dr. Christine Zorad your Omaha Nebraska Chiropractor. Did you know that foods can cause inflammation in the body and this can be different for each individual? Knowing whether your body has Inflammation or not is important because it contributes to a wide range to symptoms like headaches, stomach problems, irritable bowel, arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety and even heart disease. The problem for most people is, if they do have inflammation they don’t know what is causing it.  Fortunately, there are now ways to find out exactly what is causing your inflammation and we offer special programs in our office for us to help you find that out. Whether you are like the patient we had that suffered from debilitating migraines that were being triggered by a sensitivity to dairy, or someone who develops heart burn from a sensitivity to wheat, we can find out what may be your trigger regardless of what symptom you may be having. 

For more information on Food Sensitivity Testing give me a call at 402-210-8490 and let’s find out the underlying food triggers you may have.