Pregnancy Care

Hi, this is Dr. Christine Zorad your Omaha Nebraska Chiropractor and I specialize in caring for pregnant women. It is well known, that pregnancy comes with many symptoms like back, hip, pelvic or sciatic pain, plus fatigue and heart burn to name a few. I have dedicated my training to working with pregnant women. It is well known, that women who get chiropractic while pregnant not only get pain relief but have shorter and safer births! You may have seen stories on TV about it.  I am certified in the Webster Technique which allows me to evaluate the pelvis and make sure it is functioning as it should as you develop. What you may not know is that birth process can be stressful for the baby, which I talk about on my Pediatric Certified page so check it out. If you are looking for a more comfortable experience while pregnant, give us a call at 402-210-8490 to set up an appointment.